What we do


The Welsh Medicines Advice Service (WMAS) provides local, regional and national services. Regional services are provided to local Medicines Advice services and other organisations in our region. WMAS Cardiff centre has resources that are additional to those held by local services.

Like all regional Medicines Advice services, WMAS Cardiff centre provides specialist services at a national level to support other regional services and provide information.

Local Services

Enquiry Answering Service

The Welsh Medicines Advice Service (WMAS) Cardiff centre functions as a local Medicines Advice service for the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan area of Wales. The main aspect of this service is to provide an enquiry answering service to local healthcare professionals in both Primary and Secondary Care. More information about the Enquiry Answering Service can be found here.

Medicines Helpline

The WMAS Cardiff Medicines Helpline is advertised to patients and carers throughout the Cardiff and Vale University Health board. If patients have any questions or concerns about their medicine, our pharmacy professionals are here to help. Welsh speakers are available to help with patient enquiries. The service is confidential.


WMAS Cardiff centre provides professional support to the Cardiff and Vale Inform. Primary and Secondary Care formulary process for new drugs and manages the website, keeping it up to date and adding links to key information to assist prescribers.

Regional Services


WMAS produces a range of medicines-related publications for healthcare professionals and members of the public. See Publications page for further details and access.

Training Materials

WMAS and local services have developed local training materials. These are used in conjunction with the national training materials produced by the UK Medicines Information network.

Yellow Card Centre Wales (YCC Wales)

WMAS supports YCC Wales to provide education and training on the Yellow Card Scheme. WMAS also helps maintain and develop the Yellow Card Champion Scheme.

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National Services

Drugs in Porphyria

Porphyria is an inherited condition which can prohibit the use of many medicines. WMAS Cardiff advises on the use of medicines in porphyria. The medicines in porphyria service is available to all healthcare professionals and members of the public in the UK.

Complementary Medicines

The complementary medicines enquiry answering service is available to Medicines Advice pharmacists in the UK. Healthcare professionals who have complementary medicine related enquiries should contact their local Medicines Advice service in the first instance. Members of the public should contact NHS 111 Wales.

Change history

25 Feb 23

WMAS Cardiff centre roles clarified from WMAS roles

20 Oct 22

Medicines Advice terminology updated.

12 Jul 22

NHS 111 Wales and YCC Wales links updated.