Who we are

To contact an individual working within the Welsh Medicines Advice Service, Cardiff, click on the e-mail address below. Please do not e-mail medicines advice enquiries directly to individuals.

Medicine Advice enquiries can be submitted by telephoning the centre on 029 2184 2251. To ensure your enquiry is handled appropriately please read the enquiry answering service section under local services first.

TitleNameContact NumberEmail
National Lead for Medicines Advice Wales, DirectorDianne Burnett029 2184 2796dianne.m.burnett@wales.nhs.uk
Principal PharmacistAlana Adams029 2184 3880alana.adams@wales.nhs.uk
Digital Lead Pharmacist, WMASAnna Burgess029 2184 4975anna.burgess@wales.nhs.uk
Senior Information Pharmacist – Medicines Access and PublicationsLindsay Davies029 2184 4387lindsay.davies3@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information Pharmacist – Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety Jenna Walker029 2184 5831jenna.walker@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information Pharmacist – Formulary and IP (Parkinson’s disease service)Diana Fletcher029 2184 3721diana.fletcher@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information Pharmacist – Medicines Advice and TrainingRebecca Wong 029 2184 7055rebecca.wong@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information Pharmacist – Publications LeadBatool Al-Affan029 2184 4298batool.al-affan@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information PharmacistSana Junaid 029 2184 4298sana.junaid@wales.nhs.uk
Specialist Information Pharmacist – Resource Development for Clinical Community Pharmacy ServicesAlya Al-Affan 029 2184 3879alya.al-affan@wales.nhs.uk
Information PharmacistAbigail Manning 029 2184 3878 abigail.manning@wales.nhs.uk
Lead Technician – Medicines Information, Access and SafetyAndrea Griffiths029 2184 3879andrea.griffiths3@wales.nhs.uk
Medicines Information TechnicianJoanne Hubbard029 2184 4328joanne.hubbard@wales.nhs.uk
Information SpecialistAlex Bailey029 2184 6984alex.bailey@wales.nhs.uk
Medical Writer and Project ManagerNina Fowler029 2184 5584christina.fowler@wales.nhs.uk
Office ManagerDiane Skillern029 2184 8686diane.skillern@wales.nhs.uk

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20 Oct 22

Contact details updated.

18 Jul 22

Contact details updated.