Common Ailments Service

Common Ailments Service (CAS)
– Information for Members of the Public

The Common Ailments Service (CAS) is a scheme offered by local pharmacies that provides patients with free NHS advice and treatment for a range of minor illnesses.

How to access the Common Ailments Service

The Common Ailments service can be accessed through your local pharmacy. A pharmacist will be available to have a short consultation with you before advising you on how best to treat your illness.

If you are suffering with an eye condition, you should visit your local optometrist (optician) first. They can provide you with a free NHS eye exam. More information and a list of opticians that offer a free eye check can be found here.

Who can access the Common Ailments Service

The scheme aims to help people who have a minor illness by providing treatment and advice. There are 27 conditions covered by the service. If your illness is not covered by the service, your pharmacist can still provide you with advice

Anyone who is staying in Wales for at least 24 hours after visiting the pharmacist can use the service.

Patient information leaflets

Below are patient information leaflets for all of the ailments covered by the Common Ailments Service. Only use these leaflets if your pharmacist has advised you about your or your child’s condition.


Allergic rhinitis

Athlete’s foot

Back pain (lower)


Cold sores





Dry eye

Dry skin



Head lice

Ingrown toenail

Mouth ulcers

Nappy rash

Oral thrush

Ringworm and intertrigo


Sore throat



Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Vaginal thrush

Warts and verrucas

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