Medicine Use in Social Care

Medicine Use in Social Care

A resource centre for the safe and effective use of medicines in social care settings

Medicine Safety Briefings

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Educational Development

Explore the HEIW website to access the Social Care Medicine Training Framework and e-learning courses

Resources and Policies for Medicine Administration

Find below important resources and policy drivers to stay informed about best practices in medication administration.

The Association of Directors of Social Services (ADSS) Cymru principles

National Guiding Principles for Medicines Support in the Domiciliary Care Sector:
to be used as templates, they ensure the consistent delivery of medicines support across Wales, providing a framework based on best practices.

All Wales guidelines

Delegation Guidelines:
developed to assist in the management and practice of appropriate delegation. While primarily designed for clinical staff, these principles can be applied across various staff groups in health and social care.

All Wales Medicine Strategy Group (AWMSG)

All Wales Guidance for Health Boards/Trusts and Social Care Providers:
outlines policies and procedures supporting registered nurses in delegating medicines support to care support workers. It emphasises the importance of maintaining safe and effective practices.

Care Home Medicines Optimisation Toolkit:
template documents developed based on national standards, legislation, and best practices. These documents aim to promote good practice, reduce inappropriate variation, and provide valuable support for staff working in and supporting care homes.

In development

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines

Managing Medicines in Care Homes:
covers best practices for managing medicines in care homes. It offers advice on prescribing, handling, and administering medicines to promote their safe and effective use.

Managing Medicines for Adults Receiving Social Care in the Community:
focuses on adults receiving social care in the community. It aims to ensure effective and safe medication management at home.

NICE Quick Guides: