Medicine shortages

Welsh Government issued Medicines Shortages letters are uploaded to the Public Health Alerts portal:

The NHS Wales medicines shortages log can be accessed via this link:

Please note that these links can only be accessed using an NHS Wales intranet accessible PC.

The shortages log:

  • Lists all shortage letters issued;
  • Provides up to date information on the current status of each shortage;
  • Links to relevant clinical or procurement advice for support managing the shortage; and
  • Will be updated weekly on a Thursday

The Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) medicines supply tool summaries information from Medicines Shortage Notices and provides updates on anticipated re-supply dates. This tool is only available to registered users on the SPS website with an NHS email address.

Change history

20 Sep 23

Link to SPS medicines supply tool updated.

05 Aug 22

Shortages letter link and SPS Medicines Supply Tool added.

18 Jul 22

Shortages log link updated.