Complementary medicines

The Welsh Medicines Advice Service (WMAS) offers a specialist enquiry answering service in the field of Complementary Medicines. The service offers enquiry answering support to UK Medicines Information (UKMi) centres and their staff.

Medicines Advice services can find further information on our Specialist Pharmacy Services website. Other healthcare professionals who have complementary medicine related enquiries should contact their local MI services in the first instance. Members of the public should contact their GP, local pharmacist or NHS 111 Wales.

The WMAS does not have access to specialist clinicians but endeavours to build and maintain links with specialists in various fields of Complementary Medicine.

We hold a wide range of text books on Complementary Medicines and subscribe to key electronic databases such as AltMedex® and the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database®. We aim to keep up-to-date with other resources available online, such as websites and newsgroups. The WMIC has been the specialist advisory service for Complementary Medicines for over 30 years and has an extensive collection of past enquiries, papers and information from a range of sources.

In addition to providing enquiry answering support to UKMi services, we also provide a complementary medicine enquiry answering service to local users in both primary and secondary care.


Publications and Contribution to UKMi network activities

The service contributes its expertise to UKMi activities by participating in the:

  • Development of Q&As, bulletins and summaries.
  • Development of training materials for UKMi network and other healthcare professionals.
  • Participation at conferences and other events.

Handling and Answering Enquiries

Please see below for information regarding questions about complimentary medicines:

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