New e-Advice service for Primary Care

Did you know that The Welsh Medicines Information Centre now offer an e-Advice service?

This service can be accessed using the current e-Advice platform produced and provided by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board:


This service may be used for non-urgent enquires as below;

  • Choice of therapy (what would be the most appropriate medicine to treat this condition for this particular patient)
  • Administration advice (e.g. swallowing difficulties, enteral tube administration, SC or IV administration)
  • Adverse effects (either that have happened or could potentially occur)
  • Medicine availability (Can I prescribe this drug on the NHS? Is it included on the CAV formulary? Where can it be obtained from? Does this drug come in a different formulation to give via a different route?)
  • Medication in pregnancy (medication been taken and lady discovered pregnant. Lady wanting to become pregnant and take xxx, how can we manage this?)
  • Medication in breastfeeding (taking this medication, is it OK to breastfeed? Breastfeeding mum needs to take xxx, how can we manage this?)
  • Drug interactions (does drug x interfere with drug y? Can these drugs be taken at the same time?)
  • Complementary medicines (can this patient safely take the complementary therapies with their regular medication?)

The Medicines Information team are also happy to accept non-patient specific questions on any of the above topics.  If you have a non-patient specific question please complete the patient details as Mickey Mouse, DOB 01/01/1901, male.

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