PREVIEW: Patient information leaflets produced by local health boards

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Apixaban for clots (bilingual) NEW

Apixaban for stroke prevention  (bilingual) (NEW)

Biosimilar letter (English)

Biosimilar Generic Patient Info Leaflet (English)

Biosimilar Generic Patient Info Leaflet (Cymraeg)

Ciprofloxacin ear drops (English)

Ciprofloxacin ear drops (Cymraeg)

Cosmofer (iron hydroxide dextran) infusion (English)

Cosmofer (iron hydroxide dextran) infusion (Cymraeg)

Dabigatran for clots (bilingual) NEW

Dabigatran for stroke prevention (bilingual) NEW

Diltiazem 2% cream for anal fissures (English)

Diltiazem 2% cream for anal fissures (Cymraeg)

Edoxaban for clots (bilingual) NEW

Edoxaban for stroke prevention (bilingual) NEW

Oxsoralen (English)

Oxsoralen (Cymraeg)

Rivaroxaban for clots  (bilingual) NEW

Rivaroxaban for stroke prevention  (bilingual) NEW

Tocilizumab (Cymraeg)